New wine and roasted chestnuts

November 11th is coming and finally we taste the wine of vintage 2016.
The day of San Martino, 11th November is the date chosen in Italy to open bottles of new wine.
This sweet wine, is the fruit of the grape harvest in September, oenoligist and sommeliers tasting it will be able to tell us the level of quality wine of the vintage 2016.
This is a tradition that dates back to ancient times and still today there are events dedicated to the tasting of new wine, accompanied with roasted chestnuts.

In almost all Umbrian town and villages, the inhabitants gather in squares and light up a fire, where chestnuts are roasted. When the chestnusts are cooked the party begins, uncorking bottles of new wine to toast to the end of grapes harvest. Popular music, chestnuts, a lot of wine are the ingredient for an easy party to remind ancient flavours, when there was no internet and the entertainment for young and old people were attached to similar events.

In addition to the popular traditions there are some events related to the new wine, with tours and tastings at wineries and more, below some of most important events:

Bonfire festival: from 4th to 13th November at San Martino dei Colli. The event take place in the medieval village of San Martino dei Colli, the characteristic bonfire are arranged on the square and they are a marvellous setting to the medieval walls. You could taste a typical product with a big selection of local wines.

Cantine Aperte for St Martino: 13th November in all Umbrian wineries: Autumnal event that would like to share with the many wine lovers the joy of tasting wines of the last  harvest, combined with seasonal products. The day will be full of tastings, lunches with the winemaker and plenty of activities until sunset.

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