Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting is unique and evocative experience, you could live the real Umbrian lifestyle.

The day starts with a charming walk in the Umbrian wood with the truffle hunter and his dogs.

You will admire unspoiled nature, age-old trees, superb view on the valley below and if you are lucky you could see squirrels jump from one tree to another

….. and while you enjoy the nature all around you, dogs sniff the earth to find truffles.

When the smell of the precious tuber is strong the dogs dig very quickly to find it and receive its gift.

The hunter gives a biscuit to his dog when it finds truffles. This is the basic technique who all truffle hunters use to learn at their dogs  to find truffles  without eat it.

White or black what do you prefer?

There are various kind of truffles but the most famous are: Trifola and Black truffle of Norcia .

Trifola is the best white truffle with a strong smell. It is preferable eat Trifola raw to taste all its flavours. It is used sliced raw on the pasta dishes.

Black truffle of Norcia is the best black truffle with a delicate smell. Black of Norcia releases its smell slowly on the contrary of the Trifola which release immediately a strong smell. It is used raw, sliced on the pasta dishes or meats especially beef fillets, or cooked to make delicious truffled sauces.

Both are very good to make “bruschette“,  you add only some extra virgin olive oil. It is a delight for the palate!


Finally, when we finish our harvest, we taste it!

Country tasting:  bruschetta with truffles, wine and water in the wood

Light lunch Tasting: Appetizers, pasta with truffles, wine and water by the truffle hunting’s house