The colors of Autumn

The Autumn season is coming as well as bright colors and delicious fruits.

Our green hills begin change their color in yellow, red and orange, a blaze of joyful colours, they heat our soul, as a fresh breeze caresses our face.

Walking in the wood, we can pick up chestnuts, mushrooms, strawberry-tree, quince apples, nuts and hazelnut, to the greengrocer we find the greedy figs, grapes and red pomegranates.

We can make a lot of deliciouness with all this fruits like figs jam, very good to eat with pecorino cheese, or a pomegranate juice, rich in vitamin C, and then the chestnut, it is the queen of the autumn fruit.

You can taste the chestnuts roasted or use it to make cakes and spreadable cream.

Porcini mushrooms picked up in autumn are more tasty, they are perfect to flavour a good home made pasta dish or grilled with a beefsteak or fried with a glass of wine like appetizer.

In October there are a lot of events legate to the wood products such us:

  • La bisaccia del tartufaio, autumn festival at Citerna first week end of October
  • Autumn Festival at Monte Santa Maria Tiberina  second week end of October
  • Chestnut festival at Morra  third week end of October
  • Wood festival at Montone Last week end of October


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