Truffle smell

In October and November, the principal autumn months, we pick up the best white truffle. The truffle hunters wake up very early in the morning and with the dog go to their secret place, that only they know, to find the precious tuber.

The truffle smell is magic, in particular the white one, a taste explosion for smell, sight and taste.
The best way to taste truffle is certainly with the pasta, prepared with some melted butter and a lot of fresh sliced truffle on the top. But we can eat truffle in much different style: with a olive oil bruschetta, or sliced on the top of Chianina beefsteak, or with scrambled eggs… and why not with some dessert!!! Some chefs prepared truffled tiramisu or truffled ice cream.
In the peak of truffle season some local companies make a very good truffled sauce to preserve it, or add the truffle to other foods like cheeses, olive oil, even in the craft beer or chips.

In October and November there are a lot of events legate to the truffle, below the dates of principal:
Truffle Festival of Città di Castello
Truffle Festival of Gubbio
Truffle Festival of Valtopina

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