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I’m Daniela Bucchi and I have been working in the tourism trade for more than 15 years,
helping +1.057 people to choose and plan every type of holiday.

I have been working non-stop for 5 years to plan a successful holiday and at last…

I found out

The KEY to Create a Holiday Unique of Its Kind:

The “Live Like a Local” Travel Approach

The “Live Like a Local” Travel Approach is more than the same “OLD” Journey!

It is A full immersion experience into the local culture and into unconventional destinations,

to get in touch with the places you’re visiting and the people you’re meeting


to be a Temporary Native not ONLY a tourist,

discovering traditions, art, history, original Italian food and excellent wines.

This New Solution to Travel, will Help You to Transform Your Holidays into an Unforgettable Experience.

My offers are the result of several attempts, experiences and repeated tests on different kinds of holidays,

until I found out the perfect offer to spend a unique holiday at the best price.

Are you curious to discover the “Live Like a Local” Travel Approach
Contact me NOW!

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