Sommelier evening

Sommelier Evening

An evening with a sommelier, a unique experience to discover the very flavours of wine and the best combine with food.

A professional and passionate sommelier will comes at your holiday villa and he will organize a private wine tasting for you.

A trip to discover wine and its secrets, taste hidden flavours and know its smells.

You could know most famous Umbrian and Tuscany wines or discover excellent wines from unknown local wine cellar.

It is possible taste important vintage italian wines, Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Amarone are some of most prestigious italian wines. 

Sommelier brings some appettizer to eat with wines to exalt the peculiarity of wines, he will note you all flavours of wines and the organoleptic characteristics.

It is not a simple wine tasting it is a trip of flavours, an emotion of smells,  which only a good glass of wine can give you.

Classic tasting

Selection and tasting of some Umbrian and Tuscany wines.

Discover our wonderful land drinking good wines. Rosso di Montefalco, Orvieto classico, Chianti, Morellino di Scanasano are some wines you could taste.

But if you like know Umbria and Tuscany in the smallest details, choice wines come from local wine cellar. Excellent products  for  few connoisseurs.

Deluxe tasting

Selection and tasting of vintage italian wines.

Important wines with a strong taste, aged in wooden barrels. These wines tell you the history of their land, taste and flavours from all Italian Regions.

A travel to Italy drinking a glass of wine

Wine & food

Wine tasting and dinner in a gourmet restaurant.

To explore all flavours of wine, Sommelier organize a gourmet dinner in a local restaurant. He combines to each dish a different wine and he will guide you in a flavours trip to discover typical foods and good wines.

 A unique experience!