5 Top Qualities and Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil…. (+the best tip to taste it)!!

5 Top Qualities and Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil….
….(+the best tip to taste it)!!

Green Gold! This is the name of the BEST Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Walking through the Umbrian hills, ablaze with the Autumn colors, you will find century-old olive trees – sentinels of ancient traditions handed down generation to generation.

Olive trees have been cultivated in Umbria since the time of the Etruscans, and the Romans, they encouraged this agricultural endeavour, and considered Umbrian olive oil to be the finest.

During the subsequent barbarian invasions olive groves were abandoned but interest revived in the Middle Ages.

Today Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unquestionable one of Italy’s most important food products.

The olive harvest, still largely done by hand, begins in early November.

The freshly picked olives are immediately taken  to an oil mill and pressed to produce the excellent extra virgin olive oil.

In addition to its incomparable taste, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now considered a key element in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. 

According to several studies EVO oil has several and several beneficial qualities, here are the 5 top:

# 1 It reduce the presence of LDL or “bad cholesterol

Its habitual use reduces the presence of LDL or “bad cholesterol” and increase the percentage of “Good” and reduce till 41% the ictus risk 

# 2 It reduce the chance of heart attacks

its habitual use decreases by about 30 % the chance of heart attacks and lowers blood pressure.
The polyphenols present in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil increase the elasticity of blood vessels,  this gives  a greater protection to the cardiovascular system.

# 3 It prevents cell aging

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E and contains  polyphenols, which are antioxidant and helping to prevent arteriosclerosis and slow down the aging of cells.

# 4 It develop the immune system

As reported by several studies, some data link the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a reduction of certain types of cancer, primarily the breast cancer.
In addition  it encourages bone formation, especially in children

# 5 High digestibility

The extra virgin olive oil is an extremely healthy and genuine food , with a high digestibility that helps the liver, at the same time regulating gastric function

However be careful in its consumption as it has a rather high caloric value!

We often hear opinions that suppose that the extra virgin olive oil is generally more fat than other oils; this is completely false. In fact, all types of oil contain 99 % of fats.

Another fairly widespread rumor is the “heaviness” of EVO oil, but fortunately the studies have shown the opposite!!

The best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is green  and leave a tingling sensation in your throat.

Where and When to taste
the Best Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Frantoi aperti (open oil mills) is the  most important Olive Oil event in Umbria
Usually it  takes place between  the end of October  and the end of November, during the olive harvest period .

Throughout this month you can

  • walk in the olive groves,
  • watch and participate to the olive harvest,
  • see how the olives are transformed into oil at the oil mills,
  • taste the new extra virgin olive oil.

Many Umbrian towns, such us Trevi, (the most important Umbrian town for the high quality of its EVO Oil) Spello, Bevagna, Spoleto, host olive oil festivals  which included

  • guided tours in the olives groves and oil mills,
  • tastings,
  • cooking demonstrations,
  • traditional music and dance,
  • popular regional games,
  • and much more.

Let’s go to discover some Umbrian wonders!!
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