Holiday Reviews

Holiday Reviews

Daniela Creates an Incredible Authentic Umbrian Experience

5.0 rating
16 April 2023

During our week long stay in Umbria, Daniela made our stay feel authentic. Upon our arrival, she welcomed us with a typical Umbrian dinner. On our last evening, she created an amazing feast, including the most delicious zucchini flowers we have ever had. The highlight, however, was the pasta cooking class! She made it such a fun family experience. Daniela was such a delight, explaining each dish in every meal, and happily accommodating vegetarian requests as well. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Lawson

Amazing Umbrian chef

5.0 rating
15 October 2022

We stayed in a villa in Umbria for two weeks. During that time Daniela and her assistant cooked 8 dinners for us. Each of them were fantastic. We experienced a great variety of Italian dishes, all cooked to perfection, and with fresh ingredients. Even better, Daneila is a delightful person, who is very friendly and engaging — she shared some of her cooking “secrets” with us. We all agreed the highlight of our trip was watching Daniela cook while sipping wine, and then feasting on her delicious food. I highly recommend her if you visit Umbria.


Best Decision Ever to Book Daniela

5.0 rating
21 August 2022

After returning home from our Italian vacation with our family, we all agreed the single best thing we did during our 10 days in Umbria/Tuscany/Rome was booking Daniela and her team to add to our experience. Daniela is fabulous. She’s such a good communicator, so smart, so warm, and an incredible chef. The food! The food! Daniela created an incredible menu for our family and was thoughtful and helpful in catering to the children along with us. Every dish she made was exquisite. We booked her for a full week and also booked her and Rosanna for a wine tour day (which was FABULOUS). She also sourced wines for us and had them ready at our villa. It made it so special to have her share her insights and knowledge into her beloved Umbria. We loved learning about her family and how she grew up and her garden. She is the most lovely person and having her around felt natural and like a gift. I cannot recommend her enough!

Michelle Depoali

Great cooking class

5.0 rating
16 August 2022

Last week we had a pasta cooking class and it was really fantastic. Daniela was patient with the children, a great teacher an overall nice person. Thank you so much for a terrific evening. We van really recommend this to everyone.

Miranda Phoelich

Great Umbrian dinner

5.0 rating
31 July 2022

The food was really excellent, your cook was really great.
We had a really wonderful time and loved the delicious Umbrian food.
The local wines that you suggested were perfect….we are still enjoying them and saying how much we love them.
Thank you so much for everything!

Ray G.

Great cooking in Umbria!

5.0 rating
7 July 2022

I am delighted to report that Daniela Bucchi is a wonderful cook, a delightful person, and in every way a tremendous asset in creating a successful vacation stay in Umbria. We had a family vacation at a villa in Umbria—15 people ranging in age from 5 to 80. She cooked evening meals for the family. She prepared it at the villa, served it, and did the vast majority of the cleaning up. The meals were delicious examples of Umbrian specialties, including home-made pasta, and fresh vegetables from her garden. It was like having a good friend in Umbria who happened to be a terrific cook and wanted to share her skills.
In addition, she provided wonderful Umbrian wines from small producers without international distribution, and through her contacts, helped us in an emergency when one of our rental cars died, and she found a car and driver for a return to the airport. In all matters she was gracious, helpful, and effective.
I cannot recommend Daniela enough. She is truly a wonderful person as well as cook. She made an enormous difference in the success of our family stay in Umbria. Thank you Daniela!!

Orin Grossman

Daniela handled everything with such ease and professionalism

5.0 rating
21 June 2022

Each and every detail with Daniela and her chefs was great. They took great care to make sure we were happy and to also cater to individual needs . The food was delicious and the wines she provided were perfect

Caroline Clark

Professional and delicious

5.0 rating
21 June 2022

We were a large group of people from all corners of the world celebrating my wife’s 40th birthday in a beautiful Umbrian villa. Daniela is impeccably professsional, and her cooking superb. She navigated dietary restrictions and preferences with incredible patience and skill, delivering superb, authentic meals that delighted everyone, every night. Highly, highly recommend.

F Krause

Daniela .......she makes the holiday

5.0 rating
9 June 2022

3rd trip to Umbria – first after pandemic.
Daniela is such a big part of our stay! A large group of friends – to relax and be wowed each evening by her cuisine is as good as it gets – locally sourced ingredients (and wines) and a menu for the week that was sublime. Thank you so much Daniela

David Gilbert

Daniela and Umbria go together!

5.0 rating
8 June 2022

A holiday in Umbria just wouldn’t be the same without Daniela and her amazing cooking. Our group of nine has just returned from our third visit to the area and the time spent with Daniela (and her incredible menu) has been a huge part of our enjoyment each time! We look forward to seeing her again next year…

Andrew Hair

Wonderful food, Activities & Service

5.0 rating
7 June 2022

I think you will have gathered by now that Daniela is an excellent top notch chef (with which I agree)! But she is also excellent with her clear, timely and without fault administration. Attentive and professional and fun to be with. Highly recommended.

Simon Dixon

Amazing food and wine from Daniela

5.0 rating
16 May 2022

What a wonderful idea it was to have Daniela arrange food and wine for us on our arrival in Umbria – the welcome dinner was delicious and as a group of friends arriving from various locations we had a great first evening together with none of the stress. The dinner cooked for us in the villa on another evening was fantastic – a wonderful selection of dishes. Daniela was so pleasant to deal with during the whole process.

F McKeown

Daniela is a gem!

5.0 rating
4 May 2022

I cannot say enough about how greatly Daniela contributed to our holiday at Villa Ada. We are a group of university friends who gathered together for a week of wining and dining. Very good cooks all, we initially thought we would do our own cooking and organised Daniela to come only for our first evening. But after the final course of that first meal, we understood immediately what a gem we had found and arranged to have her return for two other evenings. The food was absolutely delicious, fresh and seasoned to perfection and she was a joy to work with. I know I speak on behalf of the other 13 of us when is say Daniela is THE BEST!!

Mimi Armstrong


5.0 rating
2 May 2022

We were a group of 14 staying at Villa Ada for one week. As most are very accomplished chefs in their own rights, we had imagined doing most of the cooking ourselves. But, that was before we met the lovely Daniela and asked her to prepare a meal the night we arrived; the rest of us were short on time. After that fresh, beautiful seasoned meal made with local produce, local meats and cheeses, the die had been cast! Why cook when we can have the best of the best with Daniela?. Her food is truly delicious, reasonably priced and served with great panache. Best decision we made was to have her come back for another three nights! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Mimi Armstrong

Magical Evening

5.0 rating
29 January 2022

One of the highlights of our visit to Italy was the dinner Daniela prepared for our party of six. Every course was outstanding. She switched dishes from two menus for our preference, and took care of every detail. Our family and friend loved being in our villa having a gourmet meal, and then also leftovers too good to waste (especially the tiramisu). She is delightful.
In the end, we took a picture with her to remember. Wish I could post that. Our happy faces tell the story!

Mary Wolf

Incredible cooking class led by Daniela

5.0 rating
28 December 2021

Our pasta cooking class has truly been the highlight of our visit to Umbria! Daniela is a skilled chef and wonderful teacher, and she was an excellent lunch guest as well. She joined us as we ate our delicious meal: fresh tagliatelle with a creamy and flavorful gorgonzola, pumpkin, and sausage sauce. Daniela also gave our family several great recommendations for activities and other places to visit throughout Italy. An absolutely wonderful experience—if you have the chance to take a class with Daniela, take it!

Cydney Hayes

Wonderful experience !

5.0 rating
28 December 2021

This was a wonderful class and meal! Thank you very much for your expertise and for making the whole experience fun for the family! Our whole family will be a big fan of your You Tube videos!

Roy Hong

2 Weeks of Great Dinners / Activities

5.0 rating
19 September 2021

We stayed in a house that was managed by Daniela and her team. In order to vacation properly we hired her for dinner everyday during our stay and what a wonderful experience it was as no body had to worry about cooking, shopping and cleaning. At the same time she arranged for many activities and the children absolutely adored her and her team. We hope others will get to experience her hospitality firsthand.

kevin takarada


5.0 rating
18 September 2021

I HIGHLY recommend Daniela & her team for a truly enjoyable & very satisfying meal. From start to finish Daniela was delightful to work with. Professional, kind & personable in every way. She was interesting when explaining the recipe instructions. We had a crowd that spanned from 5 mos to 65yrs old & EVERYONE was was interested & entertained throughout the class. Daniela served the delicious meal to us – including a dessert, & we felt we were at a 5 star restaurant! Thank you Daniela for memories of a lifetime!


Enjoy great Umbrian cuisine with Daniela

5.0 rating
16 September 2021

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity of enjoying the best food in the region. You cannot go back home without at least one evening of her cooking services.

Magnus Norddahl

The wonderful Daniela

5.0 rating
11 September 2021

We spent a week in Umbria culminating in the wedding of our son. Daniela and her team cooked wonderfully throughout, choosing local wine and produce and making everything easy and just perfect. The wedding en terrace was magical – she brought glasses, linen and candles; fireworks and incandescent hearts; a remarkable menu that we will speak of for ever; magnums of local wines and great Prosecco and a wedding cake that demanded to be eaten. Thank you Daniela and team for making a memory that will stay with us forever
Till next time!


Great cooking class!

5.0 rating
21 August 2021

Daniela and her friend taught us how to make homemade tagliatelle with a delicious sauce, all with fresh local products and the empty plates were testament to her talent! Simple and tasty dessert too. It was fantastic to cook and taste. Such a great evening, thank you Daniela!


Wonderful week in Umbria

5.0 rating
18 August 2021

Daniela cooked for us for a week and was absolutely wonderful! Delicious food, always happy. Strongly recommend!!!



5.0 rating
26 July 2021

Daniela catered three meals for us (a group of 11) whilst we were staying at a magical villa in Umbria. Not only is her cooking out of this world, including the courgette flowers she brought from her very own garden, but her friendly and easy going nature made it all such a pleasure. We were celebrating my sister’s 50th birthday and she even brought her presents on her big day…
She and her colleagues were totally flexible and did everything in their power to ensure that we had an incredible experience and were extremely well looked after and amply fed 🙂
I would not hesitate to recommend her and only wish that we could drop by more often!


Three kinds of amazing! Daniela and her mighty crew helped make our week in Umbria.

5.0 rating
19 July 2021

After postponing for a year due to pandemic, our group of 11 (including one very young one) was ready for a little dolce vita on a hillside near Citta di Castello, and the talented and highly organized Daniela and her great colleagues brought the magic.
Three dining events she brought together during our week in Umbria, each done with care and skill and all kinds of astounding ingredients: fresh, complimentary, and delightful. From the first fiore (crisp, flavorful and impressively light) through pizza-making and an epic pork roast, they did it all with a sense of fun and ease even though you know the amount of work and care that must have gone into pulling it off. They seemed to have no trouble managing for our large group, and there were leftovers.
…And then they packed everything up and were off into the night, leaving us with freshly-made ice cream and ready to dance under the moon. Friendly, easy to communicate with, flexible, total pros with good-sense advice. What’s on the table is delicious; you’ll remember it.
Was a great find after a rough year, but even in a normal year I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Wonderful experience

5.0 rating
16 July 2021

What an wonderful night Daniela provided us with during our stay in Umbria. The best food, lovely local wines and great atmosphere!
A night to remember.
The food she brought to our house upon arrival and departure also were terrific.
Highly recommended. Grazie Daniela!


Excellent Italian cooking

5.0 rating
3 October 2020

Daniela made us two wonderful Italian meals. With 8 friends we stayed in a villa in Umbria last week. When we arrived the fridge was filled with al sort of delicious typical Italian dishes. Later that night, she arrived and cooked us an excellent meal with all kind of fresh local products. The next day we made our own spagetti and lasagne with her help of course. This was also very tasty and educational. Daniela is so friendly and patient, she’s a great sociable woman! Thanks a lot, you made our stay special.

Agnes Nijland

Daniela is the answer

5.0 rating
12 September 2020

A holiday with Daniela’s home delivered food is stress free and to eat her superb Italian food adds another dimension to the holiday. Money well spent. She also organised a truffle hunting/tasting expedition which was a huge success. Daniela speaks good English and is incredibly organised and a delight to work with.

Sally Nicholson

2 wonderful evenings in Italy

5.0 rating
24 August 2020

Daniela kindly arranged for her cook Alessio to come to the house we rented in Italy twice during our stay. The first time we were treated to a delicious 4-course menu and the second time we and the kids made pizza together, which was probably the best pizza we ever had. Communication was easy and professional. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.


Delightful and Delicious Online Cooking Class

5.0 rating
22 August 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed an online cooking class with Daniela in Melbourne during COVID lockdown. The food was beautiful, easy to follow and lots of laughs. Looking forward to cooking these dishes again, thanks Daniela for a wonderful experience!

Jo Egan

Excellent Umbrian Cooking and terrific charm!

5.0 rating
22 August 2020

Daniela came to cook for us for 11 days at the beautiful Casa Baccianella. She could not have been more helpful. We had dinner for the whole villa every night – beautifully prepared, served, catered and washed up! It was delicious – with a combination of old favourites chosen by us and new options suggested by Daniela. She (and her husband) could not have been better – and she is also wonderfully charming, humorous and cheerful! Hugely recommended. It transformed our holiday and we will now do this every time!


Amazing and delicious online cooking class with Daniela

5.0 rating
19 August 2020

We’ve now done three of Daniela’s online cooking classes and enjoyed every one immensely.
Her skill, patience and recipes make the class fun, informative and delicious!
We learnt, we laughed and we ate a superb feast every time.
I will happily repeat the online experience again and again, while looking forward to the time I can travel again and enjoy the real thing in Umbria. Thank you Daniela!

Nicki K. - Australia