Holiday Reviews

Holiday Reviews

Excellent Italian cooking

5.0 rating
3 October 2020

Daniela made us two wonderful Italian meals. With 8 friends we stayed in a villa in Umbria last week. When we arrived the fridge was filled with al sort of delicious typical Italian dishes. Later that night, she arrived and cooked us an excellent meal with all kind of fresh local products. The next day we made our own spagetti and lasagne with her help of course. This was also very tasty and educational. Daniela is so friendly and patient, she’s a great sociable woman! Thanks a lot, you made our stay special.

Agnes Nijland

Daniela is the answer

5.0 rating
12 September 2020

A holiday with Daniela’s home delivered food is stress free and to eat her superb Italian food adds another dimension to the holiday. Money well spent. She also organised a truffle hunting/tasting expedition which was a huge success. Daniela speaks good English and is incredibly organised and a delight to work with.

Sally Nicholson

2 wonderful evenings in Italy

5.0 rating
24 August 2020

Daniela kindly arranged for her cook Alessio to come to the house we rented in Italy twice during our stay. The first time we were treated to a delicious 4-course menu and the second time we and the kids made pizza together, which was probably the best pizza we ever had. Communication was easy and professional. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.


Delightful and Delicious Online Cooking Class

5.0 rating
22 August 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed an online cooking class with Daniela in Melbourne during COVID lockdown. The food was beautiful, easy to follow and lots of laughs. Looking forward to cooking these dishes again, thanks Daniela for a wonderful experience!

Jo Egan

Excellent Umbrian Cooking and terrific charm!

5.0 rating
22 August 2020

Daniela came to cook for us for 11 days at the beautiful Casa Baccianella. She could not have been more helpful. We had dinner for the whole villa every night – beautifully prepared, served, catered and washed up! It was delicious – with a combination of old favourites chosen by us and new options suggested by Daniela. She (and her husband) could not have been better – and she is also wonderfully charming, humorous and cheerful! Hugely recommended. It transformed our holiday and we will now do this every time!


Amazing and delicious online cooking class with Daniela

5.0 rating
19 August 2020

We’ve now done three of Daniela’s online cooking classes and enjoyed every one immensely.
Her skill, patience and recipes make the class fun, informative and delicious!
We learnt, we laughed and we ate a superb feast every time.
I will happily repeat the online experience again and again, while looking forward to the time I can travel again and enjoy the real thing in Umbria. Thank you Daniela!

Nicki K. - Australia

Wonderful online cooking class

5.0 rating
18 August 2020

First time to try a cooking class online, prepared myself to order delivery in the end, but thrilled to make pasta and Tiramisu from scratch. Daniela gave clear instructions with encouragement. It was a fun night to gather with the ladies online, through this unique cooking experience.


Excellent Food - a real treat.

5.0 rating
16 August 2020

We were arriving at our holiday rental quite late at night and contacted Daniella to see if she could provide some food for our first night. As a result, Daniella provided us with an excellent lasagna – one of the best I have ever had. To finish there was a most delicious cheese cake. What a talented chef. We will certainly be contacting Daniella regularly when holidaying in Umbria.


Taste of Umbria in your own kitchen - Daniela's online cooking masterclass!

5.0 rating
1 August 2020

We did an online cooking class with Daniela during lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. Daniela was absolutely amazing. Recipes simple and easy to understand and sent with plenty of notice so we could get all the ingredients ready. Step by step sheet of what had to be prepared as well as what pots and pans! Zoom meeting was organised so Daniela could instruct us and make sure we stayed on track. Lots of laughs and wine shared and a beautiful 3 course meal was prepared. Sensational experience and one that everyone around the world can enjoy. The tastes of Umbria in your own kitchen. Huge thank you Daniela!

Christine Corbett

Daniella is the best Umbria chef

5.0 rating
29 July 2020

Daniella is a brilliant chef and delightful person. We asked her to cook two dinners in our villa and also organise a pizza man to prepare pizzas for the children. Everything was perfectly organised and timed and she dealt with all our special wishes with grace and intelligence. Daniella is definitely the best restaurant in Umbria, using only local ingredients and beautifully sourced.
Pour les francophones, Daniella est une chef extraordinaire, avec une connaissance de la cuisine italienne profonde et recherchée. Elle-même était le meilleur restaurant en Ombrie que l’on connaît. Elle a cuisiné pour nous à travers deux dîners et egalement a organisé un ‘pizza man’ afin de préparer les pizzas pour les enfants (ainsi que nous) qui était super animé et plein de joie.

Lisa Forrel

a taste of Umbria on Zoom!

5.0 rating
22 May 2020

A wonderful evening of cooking on Zoom! With Daniela’s guidance the dishes were quite easy to prepare and extremely tasty. We almost felt we were back in Umbria! We had a great evening and was the perfect excuse to get all the family together online. Thank you so much and see you again soon x

Keith Parsons

A tasty lockdown treat!!

5.0 rating
17 May 2020

What a fantastic cookery lesson!! Daniela guided some very inexperienced cooks to create a fabulous 3-course meal.
Having been lucky enough to sample Daniela’s cookery in Umbria, it was another step altogether to be able to create ourselves, along with our virtual family!
Great evening, great food, great teacher!!
Thank you Daniela!

Jill and Jim

Awesome Italian cooking lesson!

5.0 rating
14 May 2020

Daniela – you are a wonderful host and made this a unique and magical experience! What a great thing to do with friends whilst in lockdown! Us in Australia and you in Italy – perfect! Thank you so much the food was delicious and it was loads of fun! xx

Alex Holt

Fun...and delicious!!

5.0 rating
4 May 2020

Daniela, thank you. Our virtual team cookery course was so much fun on Saturday. We really enjoyed cooking with our friends, with your expertise (and patience!) guiding us to create a delicious lunch.
We look forward to the next time …
Best wishes Andy & Louise


What a superb lesson in Umbrian cuisine!!

5.0 rating
2 May 2020

Daniela, my friends and I have known you for a few years. We really are missing seeing you in person this year in Umbria for obvious reasons.
Today’s cookery class was both so much fun and educational!
Thank you for making this happen.
To others, I so recommend Daniela and the casual, fun, relaxed yet informative style to this session.

David Gilbert

A deliciously amazing unique experience!

5.0 rating
25 December 2019

Daniela cooked a delicious Christmas Eve meal for us at our villa during our stay in Umbria. This was such a unique and wonderful experience that I would highly recommend! The food was amazing and Daniela is a true delight.

Khrista Villegas

Outstanding Experience of Umbrian Cuisine

5.0 rating
17 December 2019

We engaged Daniela to cook for us for 10 days in Umbria. The number of guests ranged from 4 to 10, depending upon the day. Daniela’s meals were magnificent every day and we got a wonderful exposure to authentic cooking of the region. She was incredibly flexible, too, and able to prepare meals that were off the “menu” with no difficulty. We loved having her with us in the evenings because she was always warm and congenial. She became part of the family in the end. Not only were her meals excellent, she was able to cater for all kinds of special needs, including celiac, dairy free, sugar free, etc., with no difficulty. I would highly recommend Daniela to anyone who wants to experience a carefree experience of the best of Umbrian dining in a relaxed atmosphere. She is efficient, always on time, full of ideas, and an expert in her trade. We will seek her out again when we return to Citta` di Castello.


Daniella our professional chef put the icing on our holiday!

5.0 rating
8 December 2019

Spent a week in Sterlinghe, Citta Di Castello. It was wonderful to come home each evening from a hard day enjoying ourselves….to be met by Daniella with fresh, home cooked, amazing dinners. We didn’t have to go out, but could relax confident that we’d be well fed. Daniella is a gifted chef. She is friendly, flexible, professional and completely committed to providing great food. I would highly recommend her as a must have addition to holidaying in Umbria.

Maura Doyle

An Absolute Must for your Umbrian Holiday

5.0 rating
3 December 2019

Our host hired Daniela to make dinner for 7 consecutive days, a genius move turning a great vacation into a perfect vacation. We returned to Villa Sterlinghe after touring each day to her warm presence, and relaxed as she cooked for a revolving roster of Celiac, dairy-free, sugar-free and very selective guests from all over the world. Her Thanksgiving turkey was the finest I’ve ever had; her simple salad phenomenal. A true chef, she adapts on a dime, sourcing all-organic ingredients from her family farm or locally. She graciously rattles off recipes! The last few nights she joined us at the table, sharing priceless local wisdom, hilarity and becoming one of the family. Can’t recommend her highly enough.


Your Home in Umbria

5.0 rating
19 November 2019

Daniela, you made the Villa feel like home with your delicious home cooking every night. Our meals together were the best part of our Umbrian vacation! Every night was made special gathering in the kitchen and sharing a meal together. We had great fun on Pasta and Pizza night! My husband’s Birthday Dinner was extraordinary with Linguini with Baby Clams, Branzino, fresh from the Adriatic, and delicious Tiramisu with candles!! Thank you for your smiling face, great English, interesting stories about Umbria and wonderful cooking. We wlll see you again on another vacation in Umbria. Ciao xo Laura Lee Miller

Laura Lee Miller

Fun and delicious pasta making class

5.0 rating
5 September 2019

Daniela offers cookery classes to guests of the apartments she manages in Montone. We booked a class for our family of three, and it was one of the highlights of our holiday (along with the truffle hunting and wine tasting, also arranged by Daniela!). We spent a happy few hours in Daniela’s spacious home kitchen learning how to create tagliatelle from scratch. She and her chef husband also taught us to fry courgette flowers the Italian way – really tasty! Truffle bruschetta and a simple but delicious dessert completed the spread for an enjoyable and relaxed lunch. Virtually all the ingredients were locally grown or produced by Daniela’s family and neighbours. Daniela speaks great English and is very welcoming with an infectious passion for food and cooking. I can highly recommend her!

Stephanie Strutt

Unforgettable meal prepared by Daniela at our villa

5.0 rating
3 September 2019

Daniela is a very skilled chef who cooks with love. She prepared a wonderful meal at our holiday villa to celebrate my 70th birthday. Every course, from antipasti, pasta to main course and tiramisu, was delicious. In fact, it was so good we have asked her to come back and prepare another meal. If you want a memorable meal cooked for you by a chef who knows how to prepare great Italian food, ask Daniela

Laurence Kaye

Excellent Local Private Chef

5.0 rating
3 September 2019

Daniela was fantastic.
I stayed at a private villa in northwestern Umbria with my family (me, my wife, and our three young kids, all under 10 years old) and Daniela exceeded our expectations.
As the house manager, she was always prompt, patient, friendly, clear and detailed in her communication before arrival, as well as throughout our stay.
As our chef, she cooked dinner for us for four (out of our ten) nights, and it could not have been a better experience. The food was excellent, fresh, and all local. Daniela shopped, prepared, served and cleaned everything so all we had to do was show up and eat. Most (if not all) of the ingredients (fresh vegetables, black truffles, zucchini flowers, pecorino) were either from local markets she picked up that morning or from her own personal garden. She offered us specific local menus in advance, but was open to last-minute changes or personal preferences, including for our young daughter who is a picky eater. Every night we had different cheeses, salamis, bruschetta, pasta, meat/chicken/fish, salad, vegetables, and homemade dessert. She also picked up local wine for us. And the price is very reasonable — you’re basically having top shelf local Umbrian cooking for less than the cost of a local acclaimed restaurant.
Working with Daniela was a joy. We travel abroad regularly, my wife runs a high-end food business, and this could not have been a nicer or easier experience.
Highly recommend.

Yon M.

Dinner At Home

5.0 rating
14 August 2019

It was a birthday of my partner and as a surprise I had asked for a Chef at home. Saverio ( one of Daniella”s chefs) came. He came two hours before dinner. In no time delicious aromas danced through the kitchen. Saverio is very friendly and an excellent chef. He set the table, served tge diner snd left the kitchen immaculate. A very special evening to remember and worth repeating!

Sylvie Bleker

Super activities organised by Daniela

5.0 rating
16 July 2019

We were a party of 8 adults and 2 babies holidaying in Umbria and we really enjoyed all the classes organised by Daniela. Everything was very efficiently organised even when a yoga class taking place outdoors had to be reorganised due to a hailstorm!
Daniela and all the people running the classes are super friendly and everything takes place in the holiday house which is so convenient for families with small children.
The pasta making class by Daniela was great and there was so much food for our meal later in the day. Two great sauces including pesto sauce made that same morning with ingredients from Daniela’s own garden for our vegetarians!
The pizza class was also well received by our family with the best pizza I have personally ever tasted. Again some dough was left over for us to use at a later date.
The wine tasting class was superb and Rossana was very knowledgable and friendly. She works at a local vineyard with delicious wines . We later organised a private visit to the vineyard for a very enjoyable tour as we enjoyed the wines so much!
The yoga class was in the evening in our garden and was a great way to relax at the end of a day by the pool .
It was lovely to meet and chat with Daniela about local food and recipes .
She runs a very efficient business and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


Daniela is super!!

5.0 rating
18 June 2019

We asked Daniela to cook for us while we were on holiday in Umbria –
It was the best decision we made!
We were two families with young children, plus some other guests. Daniela was already familiar with the facilities in the house where we were staying, so she arrived each day with bags of groceries and took care of everything.
It was so nice to not have to worry about meals and cleanup everyday while we were on holiday.
Daniela was super flexible – even when we asked to alter the menu or schedule for various reasons – and she accommodated the children’s needs brilliantly.
Daniela’s meal were wonderful – not only were they delicious, they showcased some special local seasonal ingredients and cuisine, in a way we had not experienced before.
We will definitely want to work with her again the next time we holiday in Umbria.
Thank you so much, Daniela!

Sunny Kim-Bather

Marvelous dining experience

4.0 rating
8 June 2019

We had Daniela lined up to prepare a dinner for us as we arrived at our villa near Città di Castello and she exceeded our expectations.
The food was delicious, her descriptions of the history and details behind the local dishes, and even the extraordinary cleanup made it a marvelous dining experience.
It was so good that we hired her on the spot for another night and we were not disappointed!

Sarah B.

Truffle hunting in Umbria

5.0 rating
30 May 2019

An amazing experience in a stunning valley. Wonderful truffle hunter along with his super shy dog.
We had an interpreter who helped us ask hundreds of questions.
A fascinating morning in woodlands filled with wild flowers, orchids and butterflies.
Not only did we find a great black truffle but picked a large bunch of wild asparagus.
We then returned to the newly converted farm building to an magnificent wine tasting and truffle, meat and cheese extravaganza.
Many thanks to Daniela who was super efficient about arranging our trip.
Definitely the high light of our week in Umbria.

Fiona Jack and family

Excellent food Daniela is a star

5.0 rating
24 May 2019

Daniela cooked for my family of four (young children) from Tokyo for a week while we stayed in Umbria. During that time we had friends visit for a couple of days at a time.
Daniela was an outstanding chef. Given the quality of her food, her service was very good value. Key points:
1. Very flexible and accommodating of tastes and changing timings.
2. Very local – wonderful Umbrian dishes with clear explanations of ingredients and cooking style.
3. Very high quality and stunning visual presentation.
I have no hesitation in recommending Daniela to friends.
Thanks for looking after my family And giving them a great Umbrian experience, Daniela.

Sebastian Bather


5.0 rating
22 May 2019

This house is made for peaceful, relaxing and chill out holidays. Externally there is a great pool with great views, a really nice pergola next to the house for meals, and a fantastic terrace on the other side of the house for just relaxing. Internally the house is well laid out with a nice open plan dining room kitchen and a corridor through to a large living area. The house is beautifully finished throughout with plenty of space in the bedrooms 2 en-suite. Having been fortunate enough to rent other houses, I find this one hard to beat, we had a fabulous time.

Mark D.