Discover How to Avoid the Crowd of The Usual Tourist Destinations and Live Like a Local

TRULY IMMERSED in The Local Culture
(…Full of Unforgettable Experiences…)



In a Place Where You Can Relax, Taste Local Food and Wines and feel ‘Home Away From Home’

…Even if you have never been to Italy before
so your knowledge is limited to what you have read or seen on TV!


…if you could relax in a garden, watching the sunset over the Umbrian hills, sipping an excellent wine, tasting
salame and pecorino cheese…

It would be peaceful. Perfect for thinking or dreaming.
But your Live Like a Local Travel could be much more than this!

The “Live Like a Local” Travel 
is a Holiday Unique of its kind,

more than the same OLD journey!

A full immersion experience into the local culture and into unconventional destinations,

to get in touch with the places you’re visiting and the people you’re meeting AND to be a Temporary Native not ONLY a tourist,

discovering traditions, art, history, original Italian food and excellent wines.

A “Live Like a Local” Travel Holiday is absolutely different from any other tour you have done before.

You will feel like a friend visiting his old friends, completely immersed into the local culture.

You will discover hidden places, probably not mentioned in tourist guides, or small medieval villages unknown to the mass tourism.

You will live like a real native, do the shopping at local markets and discover the story and traditions of these places through feasts and medieval commemorations.

The Live Like a Local Travel also means excellent food and wines!

You will discover the typical Umbrian and Italian dishes, not the same old menus for tourists!
I’ll suggest you where to taste the original and traditional flavors, but if you want, I’ll cook for you myself!

Or .. Why not cook together? Wouldn’t be nice to have a cooking class with me to make homemade pasta?
Mixing eggs and flour to make Tagliatelle, Ravioli or Lasagne; preparing a sauce with seasonal ingredients and then… 
…sample our results in the garden!

And let’s not forget wines!
Umbria produces excellent wines and there are many small wineries, unknown but full of high quality products.
I’ll suggest you the best ones!

A completely different holiday

I have been living in this charming land since I was born; I love it and I know it perfectly
Maybe most of my competitors, renting thousands of villas in Umbria, have never visited it!

Are you completely sure they are offering you the best holiday?
Probably they are selling you only a “stock offer”, do you really want that?

I don’t think so!

I can offer you only few villas, but I have chosen them personally and you will feel home away from home.
I know my region very well and it will be a pleasure to plan your perfect holiday, according to your expectations and needs,
and not to sales objectives!

You can find last minute offers everywhere on the web;
I don’t want you to spend the same old holiday;

I want you to have a great experience!

  • The experience to discover a land unknown to most of the tourists,
  • The experience to taste the original Italian food,
  • The experience to visit local farms and to discover how sausages are made, to walk in an ancient olive grove, or to see bees producing honey,
  • The experience to visit Umbria walking or by bike, surrounded by its breathtaking views and landscapes.

This is what I mean by “Live Like a Local” Travel 
… aren’t you a bit curious to discover it?

Don’t waste time anymore and contact me right now!

We will plan together your Live Like a Local Travel Holiday!