A Journey through the most Ancient Umbrian Marquisate…. Monte Santa Maria Tiberina


A Journey through the most Ancient Umbrian Marquisate…
… Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

Escaping to the present and come to back to ancient medieval splendour!!!

The medieval village of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is located in the northen part of Umbria, on border with Tuscany.

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is a typical medieval village enclosed by powerful medieval walls.

It is situated on the top of a green Umbrian hill and it offers you stunning valley view.

Walking around the lanes of the village you can admire

  • Ancient stone houses,
  • The Bourbon castle, residence of the Marquis Bourbon which ruled the town in the past,
  • Santa Maria’s church.


Monte Santa Maria Tiberina has ancient origins, it was certainly an Etruscan village.

Thank to its strategic position it became a land of passage for trade between the Upper Tiber Valley and the others Umbria valleys.

The history of the village is characterized prevalently by the prestigious Marquis Bourbon del Monte…..
……one of the most important feudal family, which kept its independence until 1803.

During the reing of Marquis Bourbon, the town had numerous privileges:

  • administrative and judicial independence,
  • its own currency, the Fiorino Montesco,
  • and it became one of the three “Campo Franco” existing throughout Europe.

Campo Franco” is a free zone where it was possible play freely duels to the death

Typical foods

This area is rich in wood of chestnuts, pine forests, green pastures, ideal place for hiking excursions, bike excursions or horse riding.

The food is excellent!!! 

You can discover the ancient Umbrian cooking traditions and dishes.
Organic ingredients, coming from local farm are usually used in the restaurant.

One of the best typical product of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is “Torta al Testo” a special unleavened bread, filled with typical salami and cheeses.

Other traditional dishes are:

  • gnocchi, pasta made with mashed potatoes served with goose sauce,
  • cappelletti, pasta filled with meats mixture, served with stock, it is the typical Christmas dish,
  • roasted pigeon
  • “Porchetta” roasted pork cooked for 8 hours.

In the wood around the village is very easy to find truffles, porcini mushrooms and chestnuts.


There are various local festival and events throughout the year,  many with a food theme, these are good opportunities to discover the local culture.

The two most important are: Porchetta’s festival in August , where you can taste the roasted pork and a typical beans soup with pork rind; and Autumns’ festival in October.

The Autumn’s festival is very nice, the whole village comes back to medieval times.
You can have a look at parades and folklore shows in medieval costumes,  and medieval games.

You can taste and buy numerous local products such us

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is jewel of the Upper Tiber Valley, do not forgot to visit it during your holiday in Umbria!

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