Tasting Umbria

Wild Products

Umbria is a generous land and give us precious fruits like Truffles and Porcini mushrooms.

In every restaurant you can taste pasta with truffle or a Chianina beefsteak with porcini mushrooms.

It is very amazing walking in the wood looking for  mushrooms or with dog to hunt truffle, especially in Autumn when the nature around you is of thousand colors

Farms and homemade products

Our nature is far away from pollution and the farmer tradition roots in the countryside, allow us to taste salami and cheese made with traditional manner without preserving.

The animals give us excellent meats and milk, because they eat genuine food and are reared in wild state.

Another excellent product to taste is homemade honey.  

There are much farms which produce different kind of honey like classic honey, chestnut honey or a very good acacia honey.

It is interesting visit  the apiarian, see where the bees live and how they make honey.

We suggest you to taste honey with homemade pecorino cheese, it is a very delights for the palate.

It is interesting visit  the apiarian, see where the bees live and how they make honey.

Wine and olive oil

We could taste also wines from unknow wine cellar, but they produce excellent wines.

It is very nice walking in the wineyard and discover the different quality of grapes.

The visit at wine cellar with its wooden barrel is charming, you can smell the wine essence, know ancient traditions and taste very good wines.

The Umbrian hills are covered by centuries old olive tree and Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is one of the  most important product of our countryside.

Umbrian extra virgin olive oil has a sweet flavour, it is very good used raw with vegetables and it is excellent for bruschetta.

In Umbria there are a lot of farms and it is possible visit it and  buy directly their homemade products:

  • Organic vegetables or
  • savoury meats,
  • excellent wines,
  • delicious honey,
  • any kind of salami, cheeses

are just some of products you can buy, but in every farm you could find  peculiar specialities.

Tasting with us our specialities:
Salami & cheese