Salami & Cheese

Salami and Cheese Tasting:
The typical Umbrian flavours

Umbria is land of good salami: ham and sausages, are the most famous, but there are a lot of kind of salami almost unknown such us Lombetto, capocollo, mazzafegato.

To make salami is an ancient tradition, it comes from rural culture.

In the past in every farm the peasants raised a pig and in January they butchered it and made salami and meats throughout the year.

In the second postwar period in Umbria there was much poverty and the pig butcher’s day was a great event, because peasants had a lot of food to eat.

To save meats meat they made various kind of salami, because there weren’t any freezes.

The tradition to make salami was handed on from father to son, today just few people are able to make it using ancient techniques.

Let’s go to discover the best Umbrian Salami!!!

The best is ham, it is made with pig leg and it goes well with classic Umbrian focaccia, as torta al testo. Typical Umbrian appetizer is a selection of salami with Umbrian focaccia and a good glass of wine.

Umbrian ham is different to Parma ham, it is more savoury and little bit salty respect to Parma ham, it is perfect eat with Umbrian  unsalted bread.

Capocollo, typical Easter breakfast is Capocollo with a typical focaccia made with cheese and boiled eggs.


Lombetto is very light, it is  made with pork fillet, and it has just little bit of fat. It is very good preserved in oil.


Coppa is made with head meat of pig and pork rind. It is one of the best Umbrian specialities


Fresh and dried sausages are extraordinary, they are perfect to eat like appetizers or main courses, grilled or with soup.

dried sauseges
fresh sausages

The visit

You can live the real peasants life visiting a local farm in Umbrian countryside. The visit start outside in the farm, then you move in the area where our butcher make salami

He show you how make sausages,  and you will see the entire production process, from meat to sausages, really interesting!!!

Finally you taste the delicious homemade foods product in the farm

Deluxe Tasting:

buffet with various kind of salami, cheese, oil, and wine

homemade salami

The picture above is a classic salami room in most Umbrian farmhouses