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Hand paint furniture

Is not too easy find a very good hand paint funiture, it is a ancient work and there are few good decorators able to paint a furniture perfectly.

The young couple, who host us in their studio, is fantastic. Barbara, the lady is the artist, she paints all kind of furniture or other material like bent tile or bricks or flowerpot or any other object you desire.

She transforms a simple object a chic piece of furniture

They have a small studio where they work, Matteo, her husband, prepares furniture and Barbara decors it. Their furnitures are unique pieces.

Barbara loves paint and her works are wonderful, she can paint classic or moderm furniture.

She is very creative, when clients talk with Barbara about the kind of paint they want, she proposes immediately many ideas and it is difficult choice between her wonderful solutions.

Barbara decors also wall and picture.

Barbara and Matteo restore also ancient furniture to give it a new style.

They also re-use old piece of furniture to transform it in new furniture.
Below you can see a picture of a table made with an old door. 

from an old door to a new table
From an old door to a new table

The visit

The visit at the studio include a tour in the work area where Matteo and Barbara show and explain you how they restore and paint a furniture.

Barbara will explain you the different style of paint used to create her “work of art” and you could see her while she is  painting some furniture or some objects.

Then you move in the show room where admire the completed works. Every week you can find a different fitting out.

Before you leave their studio, Barbara and Matteo give you a gift to thank you to visit their showroom.

wall painture
wall painture

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